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Prepare your façades for Autumn and Winter!

Prepare your façades for Autumn and Winter!

It’s time to protect your facades and prepare them for the rigorous cold and rain from the coming seasons! Your home or space need to be cosy, and you and your family deserve nothing but comfort!

Did you know that a damaged siding can compromise the quality of life inside your home? It’s important to keep your façades in good condition to properly protect your home.

Façades’ exposure to weather, together with the natural wear of materials, can have different impacts, given the variety of elements and materials that normally exist in façades (joints, different coatings, windows, doors, etc.).

Leakage, dampness, stains and run-off are signs of your façades’ degradation, and these can lead to the consequent degradation of your home’s interior environment. So, whenever they start to show some kind of degradation, it is important to bet on their renovation or maintenance, ensuring a healthy, welcoming, protected and sustainable home, with good thermal performance.

If the sun and heat have a great impact on façades, the cold, rain and snow have an even greater impact, for the reasons already mentioned. The choice of waterproof and robust sidings, resistant to adverse weather conditions, is of utmost importance, especially as your home or work area is affected by bad weather.

The Sagiwall range was specially designed for covering façades, contemplating solutions that can meet all kinds of tastes, adapted to homes, buildings and commercial spaces. With tested and proven features in terms of high resistance to weathering, UV rays and temperature variations, Sagiwall also excels in being a durable solution, with a 10-year warranty, easy to apply and maintenance-free.

Made with the best in PVC, it responds to all architectural tastes, offers solutions in natural wood tones, RALs and metallics, in a variety of finishes supporting natural and comfortable looks, to the most modern and sophisticated.

Bet on a solution that guarantees that Autumn and Winter are about comfort and well-being, and meet your creative and aesthetic taste!

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