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Summer Barbecue? What Are Your Options?

Summer Barbecue? What Are Your Options?

Who loves a good Summer barbecue? If you haven’t had one yet, September and October are still a great time to have your grilled goods.

You don’t have a grill on your balcony, terrace or garden? There are several options on the market, and we want to help you choose so that your experience among friends and family goes as smoothly as possible.

Coal, electric or gas, there’s a pro and con to every grill, which means you’ll have to assess each one based on your needs, lifestyle and budget.
What space do you have available? Does this space have good air circulation? Do you enjoy cooking, or do you just want to get things on the table as quickly as possible? What is the flavour you enjoy the most? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when the time comes to choose your ideal grill…

Gas grill
Widely used and quite practical. It is a quick option and fairly simple to use, especially when compared with charcoal, you just switch it on and it’s ready to go.
It will always require a gas pipe, whether it comes from your home or from a can that needs filling every time it’s empty.

To get a gas grill you will need some space, and to especially keep a safety distance from anything flammable, which means this isn’t a great option if you live in a dense urban environment.

Did you know that some models come with WiFi to allow you to check on your food while it’s being cooked?

Charcoal grill
The most traditional method, which grants food a more characteristic grilled flavour.
To many this is the only real option, since they’ve become accustomed to the flavour and cooking method, which is almost like a ritual many people enjoy doing outdoors. Which means, as you already know, that you’ll have to purchase charcoal, firelighters, etc.

This is the option with longer cooking times, a minimum of 30 minutes, that is why if your goal is to take the least amount of time and if you plan to do it often, then this is not the choice for you. Even after you are done cooking, it just doesn’t switch off with a push of a button like the other options.
You will also need to have a considerable space available and avoid flammable elements in your surroundings.
Cost wise, it becomes more expensive having to constantly buy charcoal, especially when compared to gas. This is why you should, once more, consider how frequently you want to use it.

Electric grill
This option is where the flavour from the grill is least noticeable but is the best and most convenient choice for those who have limited space and live in urban areas. All you need is a power outlet. It is the quickest, most compact and less smoke emitter option, in fact, it releases barely any.
If you are looking for a grill for a small balcony then this is the ideal option for you.

From the different possibilities there are several options in terms of materials for instance, but there s also the option to purchase portable versions, or of having grills with wheels to make them easy to manoeuvre, and of course, the several aesthetic options.

Another important question is where to store it during the rest of the year… you can’t use electric grills outside, exposing them to storms, electricity and rain, or even the low winter temperatures – this does not work out well for your grill.
But an electric grill is a more compact option, for which it makes it easier to store in a kitchen or garage whenever you’re not using it.
Gas grills, however, are more versatile and resistant to low temperatures.

In what concerns maintenance, an electric grill only requires cleaning, when unplugged, and it also has moveable parts for a more thorough cleaning if needed. A gas grill demands a bit more work, which means you’ll have to remove food residue and check the tubing, for instance.

Please consult the grill makers for more technical issues.

This is an appliance that allows for enjoyment and relaxation with your friends and family, so choose the option that best suits your lifestyle and make the best of the warmer temperatures.

Amália Souto Miranda,
Landscape Architect.