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Nature at your Home, with the New Oak Tones

Nature at your Home, with the New Oak Tones

The new Sagiper solutions are designed to bring nature into your home. The new woodsy tones, available for indoor and outdoor use in Sagirev and Sagiwall, closely resemble solid wood.

Any exterior covered with woody tones conveys grace and peace, but, above all, harmony with the surrounding space, especially if it is rustic. In urban environments, this covering stands out as a breath of fresh air.

In interior spaces, woodsy covering bring comfort and coziness, but at the same time an energizing feeling of close contact with nature. Applied on interior walls, they result in countryside and amazing environments.

The new Sagiper, 82 Desert Oak, 83 Mountain Oak and 84 Monument Oak tones combine the durability and strength advantages of PVC with the natural effect of wood.

These neutral tons combine with any color and work well in both vintage and rustic decorations, as well as in more modern and sophisticated environments.

Create a country-like, relaxed and enjoyable experience of living and feeling, with friends and family, inside or outside your home. Discover the new Oak shades available in the Sagirev and Sagiwall ranges.