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9 Ways of Making Your Home Cosier This Christmas

9 Ways of Making Your Home Cosier This Christmas

Christmas is coming and so are the concerns about decoration and ways of making your home feel cosier for this day. That being said, we’ll share some tips to help you out:

Choose Comfy Fabrics

According to the experts, fabric texture and our moods are linked. This means that if a piece of furniture is rough or uncomfortable, it is only natural that it will not convey the feeling of happiness or calm. This means that by swapping old and worn out items for cosy alternatives, like fluffy pillows, knit blankets and fuzzy rugs, you will subconsciously be creating a happy environment for your home.

Light Your Fireplace

Nothing says cosy and autumn like a living room with a lit fireplace, which means that if you have one now is the ideal time to clean and prepare it for the holiday season.

Choose a Darker Brightness

White lights are associated to colder temperatures. This means that in order to create a comfortable ambiance you should choose yellow lighting or lamps with a dimmer or temperature changer. And don’t you worry, there is always the option of inexpensive yellow bulbs.

Don’t Forget The Exteriors

Although the weather might just not be the most pleasant during Autumn and Winter, there’s no reason you shouldn’t adapt your exterior spaces to your needs. Maybe a pergola to protect from the sunlight during the Summer as well as rain in the Winter, or maybe an outdoor deck patio, which would be perfect to host barbecues or enjoying a good read outside.

Customise Your Home

For some, comfort is all about familiarity. As such, you should hang a few family portraits or artwork that convey comfort and safety. Nothing in your home is off-limits when it comes to transformation, all you need is some imagination and the courage to do it.

Play Music

Music helps create a good ambiance. There are countless songs that are just perfect to bring the holiday spirit into your home.

Update Your Walls

If you feel that your walls are not welcoming or cosy, then perhaps the time has come to do something about it. Take a look at décor magazines or blogs and allow yourself to be inspired. And don’t let the thought of painting discourage you, there is always the option of choosing a covering solution, like Sagirev.